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For Swimmers:

  • What should I bring with me to galas?

    • Swimming hat (Piranha Swim Club hats are available to buy €5 each)

    • Swimming togs

    • Goggles (& a spare if you have one)

    • Flip flops or other poolside shoes

    • Towels x 2

    • Hoodie to stay warm between races

    • Bring some food


  • Should I eat & drink before and during galas?

    • Don't swim on empty. Even if feeling nervous, make a good lunch happen. 

    • Some options, pasta, chicken, rice, fish, plain easily digestible foods.

    • Try to aim to have something at least 1 hour prior to competition. 

At the Gala it is important to try to eat as soon as possible after a race to give as long as possible to recover if swimming again

  • High fat and simple sugar foods will do swimmer no favours in competition.

  • NO fizzies, sweets, crisps or chocolate bars please.

  • What should I eat and drink at the gala?

    • Plain water or water with OJ

    • Plain small rolls eg chicken, cheese

    • Fruit eg bananas, grapes, melon

    • Cereal bars, fruit bars eg nutrigrain bars

    • Rice cakes

    • Yoghurt and yoghurt drinks

For Parents/Guardians:

  • Under Swim Ireland rules we as a Club are obligated to provide gala officials; all parents of swimmers attending a gala are required to make themselves available to act as gala officials for each gala which their children attend. Usually, the parents are asked to act as timekeepers for a session or part of a session. Timekeeping is usually carried out by two people in each lane and the duty is not very onerous. Failure by the Club to provide gala officials will result in our swimmers being excluded from the rest of the gala and a Swim Ireland fine. We will find out on the day what is required & I will be asking parents for help here.

  • Club Representatives are not allowed on deck for the Gala, apart from our Coaches.

  • Please remind swimmers that they should always follow the Coach(es) and Team Manager’s instructions on the day and let the Team Manager know when they are leaving the main group. 

    • Team Manager: Diarmuid Hegarty

    • Coach: Eimear MathewsStephen Irwin


  • Gala results will be posted on the Piranhas Website here and emailed to participating swimmers after each gala.

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